Only a ten kilometers away from Pula, Medulin is situated in front of a beautiful bay with indented coastline which is encircled by a ring of small islands. Today Medulin is a tourist centre and ownes campsites, rooms, apartments, bank, hotels, post office, medical clinic for tourists, florist, wine-cellars, goldsmiths, market place.... Sportsfans can enjoy in hiking trails, tenis, football, sailing, horse-backriding, mini-golf, bowling, waterskiing and rental services for bicycle, motor boats, watercraft... Medulin is also known for different amusent centar for the joungest and for those who are oldest.



Istria is on the westernmost County of the Republic of Croatia and is the largest peninsula of the Adriatic. Area: 2.820 km2. Population 2000.000. Coast lenght is 445,1 km.
Istria has mild, Mediterranean
climate (warm and dry summers, mild and pleasant winters). Average amount of sunshine: 2388 hours. owing to the day's length and plenty of clear days throughout the summer it has the longest insolation with a daily average of 10 hours in Istrian seaside resorts. Characteristic winds are "bura" (wind blowing from the north to the south, bringing clear weather), "jugo" (south, warm wind bringing rain) and "maestral" (summer breeze blowing from the land to the sea)
Istria is the largest
green oasis of the north Adriatic. The coast and the islands are covered with pine woods and easily recongnizable green macchia. The main specimens of macchia are holm oak and strawberry trees. 35% Istria is covered with forests.
Rivers in Istria are Mirna, Dragonja and Rasa.
The lowest
sea temperature is in  March ranging from 9.3 C up to 11.1 C and being the highest in August when it reaches 23.3 C and 24.1 C; salinity amounts approximately to 36 - 28 pro mille.

Speciality of Istria

Istrian smoked ham, sheep-milk cheese, truffles
"Manestra" (vegetable stew)
Home-made pasta: "fuzi", gnocchi, lasagna, macaroni
with game stew
Meat dishes: home-made sausages, smoked fillet with
Seafood dishes: pilchard marinade, stew made of fish, sea-shells,
crabs or squids
Fish: gold fish, base, grooper, sea-bream...
Salads: made of crabs, octopus, musk octopus...
Sea-shells: oysters, scallops, "dondole", mussels...
Sweets: "krostule", "fritule", "povetica", "cekerancici"...

Typical wines
Malvazija - white
Teran - red wine
Borgonja - red wine
Hrvatica - rose

Fine wines
Pinot - white and grey
Chardonnay - white wine
Cabernet - red wine
Merlot - red wine
Muskat - white wine

Aperitifs and Digestives
Home - made brandy - with aromatic herbs
Biska - special brandy (Roc, hum)
              Komovica - special brandy    

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